July 10, 2009

Elegant MicroWeb builds website for a global consultancy in Canada using Joomla CMS portal framework

Elegant MicroWeb successfully completes building a website using Joomla CMS portal framework for its client based in Canada. Client is a global consultancy with partner offices in over 16 countries including UK-London, Netherlands, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Canada, USA, South Korea, China, Thailand and Australia. The client assists its customers in resolving strategic and operational issues. Its collaborative strategy, process improvement and technologies guide the development of effective corporate strategies, operational improvements, and innovation solutions. The client, which already has a website, wanted a new corporate website where its users can easily manage and update website content without taking any help from developers.

Backed by a rich experience and expertise in the area and various stages of Content Management Systems and Portals, Elegant MicroWeb created the website using Joomla CMS tool. Joomla’s easy-to-use graphical interface will help users create, edit, update and publish the content on website easily and frequently. The website now has a new layout, links and other useful features as per the client’s requirements and its growing demand.


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